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The Spirit of Flight Foundation, through Spirit of Flight Productions, develops and produces aviation-themed film and television projects to support its mission.  Spirit of Flight Productions has a vast knowledge of aviation, aviation history, access to aircraft, facilities and locations, and film equipment and crews that help create film projects that are both inspiring and educational.  Spirit of Flight Productions partnerships include Blackwing ASL, Red Pine Studios and Air Assets International.  Spirit of Flight Productions has helped produce Chasing Planes TV, Great Colorado Women (RMPBS), and is currently in development for the feature film, Flight for Life.


DISCLAIMER-The Flight for Life Movie, Flight for Life Movie website and Flight for Life Movie, LLC are wholly unrelated to the FLIGHT FOR LIFE medical transport services, and the donations submitted in support of the Flight for Life movie do not fund “FLIGHT FOR LIFE” emergency transport services program.

Flight for Life is a feature film currently in development. Centering on the story of an Army veteran pilot grappling with suicide, the film seeks to avert veteran suicide by sharing uplifting messages. VIFM veterans will employed in production of this film. For more information, please go to 

Chasing Planes is a series showing an inside look at running a museum and how aircraft and artifacts are appraised, acquired, restored, and displayed. Season One included six episodes, filmed in the US and overseas. Season Two is in currently in production. For more information, please go to

Great Colorado Women is a television program presented by Rocky Mountain PBS featuring remarkable stories of women inducted into the Colorado Women Hall of Fame. In our segment, general aviation pilot, educator, and researcher, Penny Hamilton encourages women to fly and pursue careers in aviation. 


Spirit of Flight Productions helped produce a pilot for a Mystical Western TV series called Raven and Blackjack. Spirit of Flight provided a wrecked Cessna 210 for filming.

Spirit of Flight Productions helped produce a pilot for a series called The Shadow War. Spirit of Flight provided a working Cessna 172 and a Hangar for filming.