Gordon R. Page has been active in Colorado Aviation since the age of nine when he took his first flight in a V-tail Beechcraft Bonanza. He is a past President of the Colorado Aviation Historical Society and opened the Colorado Aviation Hall of Fame in Denver, the Sprit of Flight Air Museum in Denver, while continuing to travel the world in pursuit of rare and historic military aircraft. In addition to flying in several airshows each year, he owns and operates an aircraft sales and charter business.


Warbird Recovery specializes in the worldwide recovery and restoration of rare and historic military aircraft.

The award winning book by the same name, Warbird Recovery – the hunt for a rare WWII plane in Siberia, Russia is about the adventures that happened along the way to becoming the proud owner of several combat Messerschmitt, one of which is the only BF-109e-7 known to exist.

The efforts of Warbird Recovery are part of the Spirit of Flight Foundation's collection. Our mission is to acquire, restore, preserve and display aviation history to honor all American veterans, to educate the general public of the significance of aviation, and to inspire future generations to become involved in aviation and/or aviation history.


In the 1930s, air travel was considered glamorous and exciting. But in today’s world, lines have unfortunately become long, leg room has shrunk to unthinkable sizes, food choices have become less than desirable, and passengers have become unpredictable travelers who often conduct themselves in ways that would have made their grandmothers shudder in horror.

In a candid collection of real-life air travel experiences, seasoned business traveler Gordon Page shares both humorous and cringe-worthy stories of his challenges traveling the world in Seat 29B to appraise aircraft. Page leads us through his diverse, often shocking experiences gathered from million-plus miles of flying. Throughout his entertaining narrative, Page reminds all of us that attitude is the key to viewing travel as an adventure rather than an ordeal.


Starting at an early age, Gordon Page was obsessed with anything that had to do with airplanes. Compelled to always look up to see what was flying overhead, he quickly developed the ability to identify anything with wings. Since then, Gordon has spent his life chasing planes.

Gordon chronicles stories from his life as a pilot, consultant, broker, and aircraft appraiser that detail real-life experiences and valuable lessons learned. Included are stories about how Gordon helped keep a giant bomber in the sky, assisted a film crew in recording a flight test of the G-II, and helped coordinate the sale of several Me 262s after a one-hour visit to Meacham, Texas, years earlier.