The Spirit of Flight Foundation offers a truly unique blend of modern and historic aviation history. The world class collection blends vintage and corporate aviation to inspire the wonders of flight.

Many one of a kind aircraft and unique flight memorabilia have been acquired to honor the men and women who have contributed to Colorado aviation history, and to also educate the general public on the efforts to build and fly aircraft.

Our Mission- To acquire, restore, preserve and display aviation history to honor all American veterans, to educate the general public of the significance of aviation, and to inspire future generations to become involved in aviation and/or aviation history.

The Spirit of Flight Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit corporation, so donations that support our mission are tax deductible.

To become part of the Spirit of Flight, arrange a tour, book our mobile museum, make a donation, or for more information, contact our offices at- or 303-460-1156.