New Home for Spirit of Flight Announced!

Nampa, Idaho:  After a two year search for a location for a new Museum building, the Spirit of Flight Foundation has announced that a site to build the new facility has been chosen.

“We are happy to announce that the Nampa Municipal Airport will be the new home for the Spirit of Flight Foundation and Museum.  Nampa Municipal Airport is recognized as one of the best, if not the best, municipal airports in the United States, and is home to some incredible aviation organizations,” said Gordon Page, President of the Spirit of Flight Foundation.

The new facility will feature the World Class Spirit of Flight collection to inspire generations to explore aviation and aviation history.  In addition, flying aircraft will be on display to promote living history through ride experiences. The Spirit of Flight facility will also be the home for Spirit of Flight Productions.

“The main building is 8000 sq. ft. with 3200 sq. ft. of office and gallery space.  The build site allows for a future 3600 sq. ft. building to compliment the Spirit of Flight Center campus,” said Gordon Page.

“We are excited to supply the building for the new museum,” said Todd Silverman of Sunward Steel Buildings of Denver.  “We have worked with Spirit of Flight since they decided to build a new museum, and they have worked hard to find the right home for the collection. I think they found it.”

The Spirit of Flight Founders Project is underway that allows supporters of the new museum to make tax-deductible donations.  A new granite monument at the Spirit of Flight museum will recognize donors who are part of the Founders Project.  Information can be found on the museum website at

“It’s been a crazy few years trying to find a new home for the Spirit of Flight,” said museum Director, Chris Pedersen.  He added, “Visitors will be impressed at how the collection will be set up in Nampa. It’s going to be amazing!”

About the Spirit of Flight Center: 

Founded in 1998, the non-profit Spirit of Flight Center facility features over 1000 aviation artifacts at its current facility in Westminster, CO.   Aircraft in the collection include a James Bond BD-5 jet, a 1947 Race Plane built by Art Chester, and a Radioplane target drone, built in the factory where Marilyn Monroe was discovered.

The Spirit of Flight Foundation is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization and uses tax deductible donations to support its mission to save aviation history.

Contact the Spirit of Flight Foundation at for more information.