Have you ever wondered why some people love to fly? Why it’s because of AVEE of course! AVEE is the best friend of pilots young and old! He is the little whisper in your ear that says “Look up, something’s overhead!” AVEE has joined the crew at Spirit of Flight Center and is traveling around the world to show people how fun aviation is. He is constantly going on adventures and he posts photos of the places he’s been on his very own Facebook page. Can you guess where he is?


And now you can have an AVEE of your very own! Come by the Spirit of Flight Center to pick up your AVEE. Only $19.95 and first-run quantities are limited, so hurry before they are all gone! Don’t forget to share your own photos of AVEE on Facebook!

For every 10 AVEEs purchased, Spirit of Flight will donate one to the Children’s Hospital Cancer Ward.

AVEE is available (in limited quanties and selling out fast) on the Spirit of Flight Online Store!