John B. Shattuck, my Grandfather, had a distinguished career in the Navy. He flew numerous secret missions over the former Soviet Union in a hair raising battle of cat and mouse. In the Cold War, a war were secrecy was everything, those who stalked the skies held the world in their hands. They carried nuclear weapons in the bays of their planes, and risking their lives in hostel skies to preserve our freedom. It was a time where heroism was kept in top secret.

LCDR Shattuck flew many planes. However he found himself at the height of his career gripping the controls of the A-3 Skywarrior. It was a monster of a plane in the carrier arsenal. The A-3 was not as well known as the planes such as the fighters and other aircraft of the era. It is not as known as well as other aircraft because many of the very important missions it played roles in do not exist in records. LCDR John B. Shattuck like so many men and women of the US military, gave his time and risked his life in the pursuit and preservation of our freedom. We owe so much to them for there sacrifice and effort. I am very proud of my Grandfather, and honored to be his Grandson. We stand under wings of giants. Wings that hold aloft, men of honor, and cast shadow on the ground, so far below, in which we can take refuge.

Story Submitted by:
Grandson, Ryan C. Meade

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