Starting at an early age, Spirit of Flight Founder Gordon Page was obsessed with anything that had to do with airplanes. Compelled to always look up to see what was flying overhead, he quickly developed the ability to identify anything with wings. Since then, Gordon has spent his life chasing planes. Gordon chronicles stories from his life as a pilot, consultant, broker, and aircraft appraiser that detail real life experiences and valuable lessons learned. Gordon’s anecdotes reveal a variety of circumstances that include white-knuckle moments in the cockpit as he faced electrical failure in the skies over western Nebraska, survived an unforgettable helicopter tour of northern Israel as a passenger, and prepared to crash into a cornfield in a small plane in South Korea with a Top Gun obsessed pilot at the controls. Included are stories about how Gordon helped keep a giant bomber in the sky, assisted a film crew in recording a flight test of the G-Ii, and helped coordinate the sale of several Me 262s after a one-hour visit to Meacham, Texas, years earlier. Chasing Planes encapsulates the fascinating life journey of a pilot and airplane aficionado after he looked to the skies and found his true calling.

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  1. Hal on April 18, 2020 at 10:00 pm

    Do you have an F-8 Bearcat?
    In 1954 I was on the carrier USS Cape Esperance when we took 21 F-8’s to the Thai Air Force in Thailand. That plane probably killed 21 Thai pilots. But, perhaps one or two still exist there.

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