The L-19 took it’s final “flight” in December, 2008 during a 100MPH wind storm. The plane broke away from the tie downs and “flew” over the Redstone engine shop. It went down a revine and was stopped by a pine tree which saved the plane from a much more serious crash into a parking lot.
The Bird Dog underwent repairs and restoration at the Spirit of Flight facility at Erie Municipal Airport. The plane has been successfully restored and has now been hung from the ceiling of the museum for future generations to enjoy. The work is never done though- there are many more aircraft still in need of restoration.

Photo Credit: Paul Gordon

Spirit of Flight on the Road!

It takes a lot to put any kind of show on the road, and the same goes for the Spirit of Flight Mobile Museum.
The Mobile Museum has been to dozens of airshows, car shows, malls, schools, retirement homes, ceremonies and much more since it was put together in 2009. Originally donated to the museum by Dr. Michael Bertz, the 20’ enclosed trailer was transformed into a “mini” version of the Spirit of Flight museum. Callie Page earned her Girl Scouts Silver Award by designing, cleaning and painting, and setting up the layout for visitors to enjoy.

Over 50 artifacts are transported to events to give visitors a flavor of the Spirit of Flight collection and
encourage them to visit the main museum facility. It takes half a day to get the mobile museum set up to take it on the road. Then there is the hook up, transportation, setup and later teardown, plus manning of the
mobile museum. It is big job, and to date over 5000 visitors have toured the SOF Mobile Museum to great acclaim.

Look for the Spirit of Flight Mobile Museum during the summer months, and contact the museum for information on how to get the Mobile Museum to an event.


Chasing Planes Book Release

Starting at an early age, Spirit of Flight Founder Gordon Page was obsessed with anything that had to do with airplanes. Compelled to always look up to see what was flying overhead, he quickly developed the ability to identify anything with wings. Since then, Gordon has spent his life chasing planes. Gordon chronicles stories from his life as a pilot, consultant, broker, and aircraft appraiser that detail real life experiences and valuable lessons learned. Gordon’s anecdotes reveal a variety of circumstances that include white-knuckle moments in the cockpit as he faced electrical failure in the skies over western Nebraska, survived an unforgettable helicopter tour of northern Israel as a passenger, and prepared to crash into a cornfield in a small plane in South Korea with a Top Gun obsessed pilot at the controls. Included are stories about how Gordon helped keep a giant bomber in the sky, assisted a film crew in recording a flight test of the G-Ii, and helped coordinate the sale of several Me 262s after a one-hour visit to Meacham, Texas, years earlier. Chasing Planes encapsulates the fascinating life journey of a pilot and airplane aficionado after he looked to the skies and found his true calling.

Purchase your signed copy of Chasing Planes, Adventures of an Airplane Fanatic from the Spirit of Flight Store Online. Or you can shop on Amazon!


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