The Spirit of Flight Veteran’s Flag Wall Project needs your continued support!

Help us create an amazing art piece and tribute!

The Spirit of Flight Foundation, a Colorado 501(c)(3) non-profit Corporation, is seeking grants and is also offering customized metal plaques to create a new Veteran’s Flag Wall at our world-class aviation museum.

The Spirit of Flight Veteran’s Flag Wall Project is 6’x12′ metalized flag that is created from personalized metal plaques that form a waving American Flag. The flag wall will honor veterans, family members and more, and it will draw visitors to the Spirit of Flight Center museum in Erie, Colorado, which is dedicated to honoring our veterans and promoting the pioneering spirit of aviation through education.

The Veteran’ Flag Wall will be placed behind an existing Black Granite monument that is dedicated to all branches of service. The Flag Wall and Granite Monument will be a place of honor and reflection for the general public to enjoy.

The Spirit of Flight Foundation is working with Atomic Forge in Erie, Colorado on this project. Spirit of Flight has worked with Atomic Forge on many projects in the past that have been on-time and on-budget, and their work is simply incredible.

To date, support for the Flag Wall has come in from Safeway Foundation, OtterBox Cares, and Jeppesen- a Boeing Company to name a few.

The Spirit of Flight Foundation is reaching out to its membership, as well as other funding organizations using the attached order form to support this important project. We have a goal to complete the Flag Wall in time for unveiling on Memorial Day-2017.

We would like to ask for your help to support of this important project by donating to the Spirit of Flight Foundation, which honors veterans and educates the general public on aviation and aviation history. Spirit of Flight is a 501(c)(3) non-profit with IRS tax determination letter # 17053242022007. Our TIN is 26-0505368.

A customized plaque is $100. There will be three different colors- Red, Silver and Blue and dedications can be made to Veterans, Family Members, other Organizations, or even a simple poem.

Your donation will be recognized on the Flag Wall, our website, and at the unveiling of the wall. Donations over $1000 will be permanently recognized on a separate sponsor plaque near the Veteran’s Flag Wall, and also on the giant Convair propeller in the lobby of the museum.

You can also order online at-

Order your customized plaque today and receive a FREE, embroidered Spirit of Flight canvas bag!

Thank you in advance for your support of the Spirit of Flight Veteran’s Flag Wall Project. It will be an amazing art piece and tribute to all veterans.
We welcome your call or e-mail with any questions or comments.


Gordon Page

PS- These plaques make a great gift! We can send a certificate or a duplicate plaque. More information is on the order form.


Veterans Wall Flyer

Meet AVEE!

Have you ever wondered why some people love to fly? Why it’s because of AVEE of course! AVEE is the best friend of pilots young and old! He is the little whisper in your ear that says “Look up, something’s overhead!” AVEE has joined the crew at Spirit of Flight Center and is traveling around the world to show people how fun aviation is. He is constantly going on adventures and he posts photos of the places he’s been on his very own Facebook page. Can you guess where he is?

And now you can have an AVEE of your very own! Come by the Spirit of Flight Center to pick up your AVEE. Only $19.95 and first-run quantities are limited, so hurry before they are all gone! Don’t forget to share your own photos of AVEE on Facebook!

For every 10 AVEEs purchased, Spirit of Flight will donate one to the Children’s Hospital Cancer Ward.

AVEE is available (in limited quanties and selling out fast) on the Spirit of Flight Online Store! 

PT-23 Arrives at Spirit of Flight!

The Spirit of Flight PT-23 project is on display at the museum now. Stop by and see what a starting point looks like. Special thanks to Joe Burnett, who donated the PT to the museum!


John B. Shattuck, my Grandfather, had a distinguished career in the Navy. He flew numerous secret missions over the former Soviet Union in a hair raising battle of cat and mouse. In the Cold War, a war were secrecy was everything, those who stalked the skies held the world in their hands. They carried nuclear weapons in the bays of their planes, and risking their lives in hostel skies to preserve our freedom. It was a time where heroism was kept in top secret.

LCDR Shattuck flew many planes. However he found himself at the height of his career gripping the controls of the A-3 Skywarrior. It was a monster of a plane in the carrier arsenal. The A-3 was not as well known as the planes such as the fighters and other aircraft of the era. It is not as known as well as other aircraft because many of the very important missions it played roles in do not exist in records. LCDR John B. Shattuck like so many men and women of the US military, gave his time and risked his life in the pursuit and preservation of our freedom. We owe so much to them for there sacrifice and effort. I am very proud of my Grandfather, and honored to be his Grandson. We stand under wings of giants. Wings that hold aloft, men of honor, and cast shadow on the ground, so far below, in which we can take refuge.

Story Submitted by:
Grandson, Ryan C. Meade


For ten years after World War II, the Messerschmitt Aircraft company was not allowed to produce aircraft. One alternative the company came up with was the three-wheeled motorcycle/bubble car or Kabinenroller (cabinscooter) KR175 / KR200, designed by an aircraft engineer, Fritz Fend.

The cars were actually made by Fend’s own company in the Messerschmitt works at Regensburg, and Willy Messerschmitt had very little to do with the vehicles other than ruling that they carried his name. Production of the KR200 ceased in 1964.

The Messerschmitt factory also produced household items such as sewing machines, and prefabricated houses, which were designed as “self-building-kits” mainly based on an alloy frame work. Spirit of Flight owns very rare Messerschmitt artifacts, including this sewing machine.

This very rare post-war Messerschmitt sewing machine is part of Sprit of Flight’s collection of rare artifacts. 

The Messerschmitt KR200, or Kabinenroller (Cabin Scooter), was a three-wheeled bubble car designed by the aircraft engineer Fritz Fend and produced in the factory of the German aircraft manufacturer Messerschmitt from 1955 to 1964.

A Spirit of Flight patron checking out the Kabinenroller that came to one of the Museum events. 


The Pioneering Spirit of Flight

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